Class Descriptions


Aerial Strength and Serenity

All are welcome to ignite your core and upper-body to challenge yourself to get strong.  Find balance in the mind and body and get acquainted with some hidden muscles.  The combination of powerful poses, softened at the end with the deep stretching creates a fulfilling and serene experience. Blissful is the word.

The class moves more quickly and you must be able to get in and out of basic inversions without guidance.

Restrictions: Recent spinal, wrist, or shoulder injuries, surgeries, hernias, and recent wrist/shoulder concerns.

Aerial Sculpt

In this fun and invigorating aerial yoga class, we keep the inversions and stretches that you know and love, while focusing on full body conditioning. You will find great stretch and decompression as well as strength, both mentally and physically. Class ends with the restorative and relaxing floating savasana to bring the benefits of the practice full circle, with peace and power of the body and mind. This aerial class will help you build lean strong muscle and leave you feeling resilient and empowered.

Aerial Ananda

Find your joy! This class will feature fun music, energizing, upbeat atmosphere inspiring your body to flow and awaken. Class will begin by grounding with breathe and connection to the body. Ananda is an all levels class, however be prepared to step it up a bit with planks, pull-ups a few tricks and flips.  Aerial Ananda will help you to explore postures in a challenging but always fun way, leaving you saying "I didn't know I could do that!”

This class is recommended to students who – feel confident and secure with balancing postures and inversions using the hammock. You must be able to get in and out of basic inversions without guidance.

Restrictions: Recent spinal, wrist, or shoulder injuries, surgeries, hernias, and recent wrist/shoulder concerns.

 Don’t take yourself too seriously, Honor the Light Within you ~ try  Aerial Ananda

GROUNDED CLASSES - on the mat, balance board, or low to the ground

 Yin on the Mat

In the stillness healing takes place.  A Yin practice emphasizes the connective tissue of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine.  It draws your awareness away from the muscles and deeper into the bones.  Find stillness and focus in this gentle mat practice as the body creates space, holding postures from 3-5 minutes.  Relax, let go, breathe.

This class welcomes everyone, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.

Aerial Grounded & Healing

To slow down the pace, hammocks are suspended closer to the ground level.  This is an opportunity to stretch, float upside down, relax, and rehydrate the spine and the mind.  Class features slower longer posture holds to gently develop flexibility and length of the joints and connective tissue.

This class welcomes everyone, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.

Balance Board Yoga

This specialty class ignites your core and challenges every student to get strong and find balance within the body & mind — while balancing on the board.  Expect to acquaint yourself with muscles you never knew you had and leave invigorated and walking tall. Build body awareness as we get creative.

This class welcomes everyone, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.

Lazy Monkey Yoga

Lazy Monkey Yoga is accessible to all people. Beginning students, as well as Masters, will enjoy this laid-back flexibility training. The entire class happens on the ground without standing up with plenty of time to breathe deeply and get deep into the joints. By the end of class, you should feel like you just experienced a Shiatsu massage. We also incorporate self-massage and acupressure into our class. 


Experience a full body practice that incorporates traditional Hatha yoga postures, breathe work and mindful mediation using an adult size hula hoop. Explore how the hoop supports your balance, range of motion and tones the body. The journey starts seated then takes you through the Spinal Awakening Series combined with strengthening poses and mindful meditation while waist hooping. Find yourself grounded in the center of your own personal universe. Class will end in Savasana on your mat. Relax your mind and try something new and fall in love with yoga all over again. You will leave feeling centered, grounded and expansive.

Some of the many benefits of HoopYogini include: Tones the core - Improves posture - Encourages weight loss - Supports bone health through gentle weight bearing exercise - Massages and detoxes the internal organs through the rotation of the hoop around the body - Activates your Life Force Energy-Promotes feelings of connection, oneness and peace. Cotton clothing is best for this class, giving you more connection to your hoop

Flights For The Younger Crowd

OmAzing Tweens

Yoga provides tweens with essential life skill tools such as self esteem and confidence, inner and outer strength, awareness to both oneself and others. Class will be held in a space which tweens can freely explore ideas, emotions feeling confident and inspired by each other.

A little of this and a little of that: Alternating weeks of Aerial Yoga and HoopYogini

Positive Affirmations - Short Meditations - Hand Mudras - Human Mandalas - Breathing Techniques

All of this to keep it fun, interesting lighthearted and at times full of laughter.

Ages 8-13 ( No Adults) 

Class Etiquette

  •  Arrive on time – maybe even a bit early.

  • There are only 12 hammocks available per class - please remember to sign up in a timely manner to reserve your space.

  • Turn your cell phone off or to silent – have an awareness of any alarm settings.

  • It is recommended that you not eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class - however a hungry tummy is also not ideal - a small snack at least an hour before class is comfortable.

  • Respect the quiet of the studio should others be preparing for class with silence or meditation.

  • Remove your shoes on entrance to the studio.

  • NO pronged jewelry on aerial hammock. Aerial clothing must have no snaps, hooks, or zippers.


We end each class with relaxation and meditation in Floating Shavasana aiming to leave you with a feeling of inner peace and well-being.